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A Visual Journey

I always have plenty of thoughts, and I see art as a graceful way to communicate those thoughts; especially when they are transgressive. I specifically choose realism path because I see it as the most easily understood visual language. In realism art, the object is clearly visualized, just like the actual object; therefore thoughts can then be delivered effectively.

I usually pick a thought, turn it into a concept, choose a series of objects to draw, give each drawing a title and description just enough to build narration around it and tell people what I have in mind. I feel the excitement when my art is aesthetically appraised and at the same time it stimulates discussions or thoughts or ideas among people who view the artworks.  

Last but not least, the proprietorship of a creative mind, plus the passion to create; together they fill me with enthusiasm and aspire the desire to produce artworks.

I have experience in a range of media, but pencil is a particular preference that I keep coming back to. If my style speaks to you, I’d love to have the opportunity to connect with you. Please be in touch to find out more about my artworks.

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